Energy or Power Generation is an industry we have served for many years.
We supply nearly all of our major products to this industry for different applications

Since its establishment in 1992 HEG GmbH has developed continuously and steadily expanded the range of goods and services for its customers. Our customers have associated our company with the attributes quality, efficiency, speed and flexibility. We are specialized in very close tolerances and mechanical properties critical to the markets requiring these benefits.

Our whole range of products is subject to strict, continuous quality control.

HEG offers a wide range of alloys in various products to handle specific corrosion and temperature requirements. We hold stocks of different springs, wire, slit coils and even, if requested, precise parts according to your drawing.

High quality products, professional support in every respect and a very flexible firm structure will provide us to your most reliable partner.

As a wholly owned family company we guarantee you, the customer, our personal attention at all times.

Contact us for any of your needs or to acquire more information on HEG's products and services.